Having established itself as South Africa's go-to motor racing publicity service, among Motorsport Media’s many satisfied customers approached the portal to service their non-racing social and traditional media needs. To the extent that those new campaigns began overwhelming Motorsport Media’s core focus.

The MotorSource is MC Media’s separate, non-motorsport publicity portal. It takes care of any customer’s exposure requirements alongside Motorsport Media, which now returns to its core focus only. A market-leading one-stop media service, The MotorSource delivers focussed, informative, and entertaining media information stories on any product or subject. The MotorSource is a one-stop service to take care of every publicity aspect, from concept to writing, photography, customer coordination, and on to professionally preparing and editing each release. 

The MotorSource also takes care of all media distribution needs and offers an expert social media service to ensure that each release achieves the broadest possible reach to its cultivated audience. So, if you’re launching or promoting a new car, bakkie or truck; a novel fuel, oil or tyre, power tools, or spanners; promoting a new service, just telling a story, selling zebras, or whatever it may be, The MotorSource will handle every aspect for you and ensure it also gets to the target audience most interested in that story.

Contact MC Media to learn more about The MotorSource now! 

Contact Person: Michele Lupini
Contact Number: +27 82 550 6405
Contact Email: Michele Lupini